The Beginning

In the past two years, I have had quite the adventure. After completing a two-year teaching contract at my alma matter, I decided to move abroad to Europe while I had the opportunity; my family and friends were all healthy and happy and I had no obligations to live up to. These two things rarely coincide and I knew I had to take the chance while I had it. As a British citizen, I packed up and moved abroad without a job waiting for me in London. This was a complete departure from the way I had planned my life up to that point and I can safely say it was the best thing I ever did. I visited Hong Kong and worked there for three weeks through my old teaching job, enjoyed the 2012 Olympics in the city while looking for a job (probably not as seriously as I should) and had the opportunity to host many friends and family who came to visit. I finally found a position last fall and attacked it with vigour, while taking full advantage of the very cheap European flights at my fingertips. I spent the next 8 months travelling, working and loving my life. Eventually, it became evident to me for a variety of reasons that it was time to move home. I quit my job, took all the money I had left and backpacked Europe for six weeks prior to moving back home with my parents. I have since been looking for a job to kickstart my career but became bored quickly, having very little money and without an avalanche of jobs to apply for, hence my need for a creative outlet.

I have never been one to do something without knowing in advance that it would likely turn out well. I have a half completed book (ok….so maybe an eighth of a completed book), I have tried to learn the guitar no less than four times and there are more diet and exercise plans that had been abandoned than I can count. If I don’t get a good result immediately, I tend to abandon my newest self-improvement plan which I had likely been thinking about for weeks. Heck, it took me over a week to hunker down to write this first post after creating the blog.

About two months ago, I stumbled across this quote on Pinterest and combined with my recent lifestyle, it encouraged me to at least try to change for the better in the creative areas of my life.


And this time, I didn’t want to learn something new or force myself into a specific hobby or activity. It has become my goal to try my best at whatever piques my interest at the time. This has manifested itself in many ways in the past few months: cooking, baking, crafting and even writing a little bit again. People in my life have jokingly begun to call me the next Martha Stewart and combined with my penchant for planning events, I have loved my most recent nickname and basked in the fact that my little improvements are paying off and making the people in my life happier. It is my goal to become more well-rounded in my creative life, more accepting of failure and more willing to adventure into the unknown.

This blog has come as the result of some sewing meltdowns, failed DIY attempts and collapsing tortes. I thought it would be fun to document my failures and successes in order to give me something to work at. This is the only constant that I have planned for my mini self-improvement experiment and we will see how it goes! I also hope that anyone who stumbles on this will find comfort in the fact that they are not alone in the fact that sometimes, their Pinterest projects have sometimes not gone to plan as much as they hoped and we can share little hacks to make projects work – or even make them better.

Maybe I am destined to write this blog and have a few adventures with very little improvement or fanfare, but who knows? Maybe one day, I’ll be Martha.