….No, but for real this time

Oopsies. I guess I let it slip again. I’ll get the hang of this whole “regular posting” thing soon, I promise!

A new year and a new me! That’s what I say to myself every December 29-31 of a year. And then January 1 rolls around, and I head to McDonald’s to soothe my (hungover) soul and immediately berate myself for my delicious and yet exceedingly sub-par choice in food for the first day of the new me.

No longer!

One thing that I know is that true change is a long process. I have been reading a lot of blogs and posts surrounding lifestyle changes and how to accomplish things that you have set out to do, and one thing that stuck out to me was the idea that it isn’t motivation that allows you to make changes (it is fleeting and once your motivation is gone, your changes go with it), but instead it is all about dedication and discipline.

That is what I hope to base 2015 around. I want to find a way to make myself more disciplined and dedicated to my goals, while at the same time balancing a fun and exciting life. For example, I find joy in cooking and baking and strongly believe that eating delicious foods is one of life’s most pure and delightful experiences. I refuse to buy into the notion that I can’t accomplish my fitness and health goals without giving up these things. What I hope to accomplish, with those two fancy “d” words, is understanding how to work these passions into a healthy lifestyle and reach my goals while maintaining that all important balance.

In the same way, I hope to push myself to work on the book I started so many years ago, become better at this whole blogging thing, learn how to use my fun new DSLR camera (Merry Christmas to me! Love, me…and the amazing sale at Walmart) and keep having fun.

I feel a little trite writing all of this down, especially after declaring “No longer!” to my concept of a new year and a new me. To be honest, I’m not even sure if the whole post will make sense to anyone who may read this; I’m pretty sure it’s just a lot of words to describe conflicting ideals that I have somehow made into one overarching, non-sensical goal.

I suppose the conclusion that I have come to is that this change will not happen overnight. For the first time, I am not setting specific “resolutions” that I can check off on December 31, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. Instead, I have examined what I want to accomplish in my the next little while (not specifically in the next 12 months) and how I can begin accomplishing it. I’m going to work at it all slowly and my only hope is that on December 31, 2015 at 11:59 p.m., I can look at the past 12 months and recognize positive changes that I have made and be able to say “I am truly happy with my progress.”

So here is to 2015…onwards, upwards and no regrets! Because let’s be real…that New Year’s Day McDonald’s was delicious and necessary to my existence after the celebration that ended 2014 and it also wasn’t anything that a few extra trips to the gym can’t help. It may not be discipline, but at least it’s dedication…and a start.


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